The Helmet That Calls For Help

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Lightyears ahead of the wired bike ‘computer’ that so many of us relied upon for so long, GPS and tracking technology has come ahead in absolute leaps and bounds over recent years. Here we take a look at a major collaboration between two major industry players, all in the name of safety.

The ANGi sensor is available with a number of Specialized helmets and can also be purchased separately.

Specialized and Wahoo have announced the full integration of the ANGI crash notification device with Wahoo ELEMNT GPS cycling computers.

The bottom line – emergency contacts will receive text or email notifications including precise location details should an incident occur.

With the tech hidden inside the system is is simple to operate and is made up of  three components – a Specialized ANGi helmet (or the standalone ANGI sensor that's also available seperately), a Wahoo ELEMNT cycling computer, and both the Wahoo and Specialized Ride Apps.

Full & Seamless Integration

‘Seamless integration’ is what it’s all about. At the Australian product launch earlier this year we were told the companies 
have spent more than 12-months working on the technology.

Initial setup is a 5 to 10 minute operation involving entering basic details  + emergency contact information into the Specialized Ride app. After being shown once in demo, we went through this a second time at home and it was as simple as setting up a new GPS.

...emergency contacts will receive text or email notifications including precise location details should an 
incident occur...


Once initial setup has been performed, the system is set and ready to go. On future rides you simply tap the ANGi sensor to activate it (a green LED will light), start your ride (via the Wahoo GPS head unit) and a low-powered Bluetooth connection will ‘talk’ to the ANGi sensor on the helmet.

 The ANGi Alone

A number of Specialized helmets now come standard with the ANGi sensor, but what if you have another helmet and still want to use the Angi system? The good news is the tiny ANGi unit is available separately and comes with a two-sided mounting pads to attach to most shape and styled lids. 

The separate unit can be purchased for  $75. The ANGi sensor is powered by a CR 2032 battery with an estimated life of 6-months.

The Specialized ANGi / Wahoo collaboration is live and available now - download or update the Specialized Ride and Wahoo ELEMNT apps now to start using the system.

ANGi integrates with Wahoo ELEMNT, Bolt & Roam GPS computers.

How does Angi communicate with the GPS?

The Specialized Ride App acts as a bridge between the Wahoo ELEMNT and the ANGi sensor, when both devices are connected to it. As long as the Ride App is running in the background, Wahoo and ANGi can connect and transfer data.

How do I pair the helmet to the GPS

Make sure your bike computer is turned on and has been paired to the Wahoo ELEMENT Companion app.

Open the Ride App and go to the “Gear” tab. Tap “Devices” at the top of the screen, then tap “Setup Wahoo ELEMNT” or the “+” button, tap Wahoo ELEMNT Headunit, then select your Wahoo.

Which Wahoo does it work with?

The ELEMNT Roam, ELEMNT Bolt and the 
original ELEMNT.

How do I enable it at the start of a ride?

All you have to do is shake your ANGi (the light will flash green) and press start on your Wahoo ELEMNT. The bike computer will display a notification showing that ANGi has been connected. The Ride App must be running in your phone’s background.

Can false alarms be cancelled?

Yes. If ANGi detects an impact a countdown timer will be displayed and an alert sound heard. If you don’t need help you can disable it from there.

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