Wahoo Update The ELEMNT BOLT Aero GPS/Computer

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Wahoo have released details of a significant update to their aero BOLT model. Key changes include a colour display, expanded memory, and on-device navigation as featured in the top-of-range ROAM.

A major improvement from the original monochrome screen, the display appears crisper, clearer and in 64-colour, visible through a high-contrast 2.2” inch screen made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Another significant change is the use of a USB-C charging port.

Now featuring Smart Navigation, the BOLT will automatically re-route riders who stray from their planned course. Users can change destinations, route back to the start, and retrace the rides right from the computer, without having to use the phone.

The new BOLT also features an updated user interface with customisable, color-highlighted fields to help riders focus on specific data metrics.

An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlight, and LEDs on the top of the screen provide turn-by-turn directions, signal approaching Strava Live segments and provide notifications.

Wahoo claim a 15-hour operating time while the onboard memory has been increased to 16 gigabytes. Weight wise, we are looking at 58grams.

The new ELEMNT BOLT will have an RRP of $429.95 and will be available in June.

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