Trek Offer Glimpse Into The Bike Of Future With 2026 Zora Concept

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Ever wondered what the bike of the future might look like? More importantly, particularly for the tech buffs, what would be the key features of a brand new bike in say 10-years time?
Designers from US manufacturer Trek have offered their take on the bike of 2026 with the release of images of the 'Zora Concept'.

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A stunning looking machine, it’s belt drive and obviously carbon all the way. With integrated ‘Smart’ and safety features, Trek say it is a bike 'that zips through the city during the work week and pushes the limits of adventure on the weekend’.

According to Trek the Zora Concept is a bike that confronts the social, political, and environmental challenges the world might face come 2026.

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"Our prototype takes cues from material and manufacturing technologies we’re just starting to develop,” say Trek
"It’s fast, versatile, and extremely well connected—to other smart vehicles and social networks.”

Our message to Trek is simple, we love it! Any time factory designers would like the 2026 Zora Concept thoroughly tested in tough Aussie conditions Bicycling Australia are only too happy to help out.

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