Am I training hard enough? How do I set my training zones and intensities? How do I measure my performance, get feedback from my data and tune my training? Coaching guru David Heatley sets out to answer the first of these three important training questions.

Cross training is a useful way of keeping in shape. For cyclists stressing your body in ways that a tough ride doesn't, encourages a wider range of movement and increased overall fitness. Here is FTP Training's Sarah Hunter to give us the drum.

There are now about two months to go until the Bowral Classic is held. In this third instalment Michael Hanslip runs through some things anyone can do to assist getting through their chosen distance on the day with less stress and more fun.

Resistance bands are a great bit of kit to have in you training ‘arsenal’. They can be used to train all aspects of fitness including strength, power, core stabilisation and flexibility. Sarah Hunter explains.

A little structure in your training can make a big difference to your results. Michael Hanslip has devised a four month plan for rides of around 90km.

The great Eddy Merckx was once asked “Eddy; to win races, is it better to push a big gear slowly or a small gear fast?” Smiling, Eddy replied “I think it is better 
to push a big gear fast!”

Mark Fenner, coaching guru, knows about training riders of all ages. Here he discusses training for masters aged riders. Should it be different to the sort of training you would do in your early twenties? And if so, why?

Lachlan Searle gives us a few cycling-specific tips to use the humble foam roller.

Recently there have been many articles concluding that stretching has little performance benefit to athletes. ‘Great!’, you may think, there is my ticket to no stretching!

OK, so this is some real cross training...crossing over to the dark side to do some hard core core strength, balance, coordination and proprioception work with Swiss cross country MTB champion, Nino Shurter.

There are many mantras when it comes to preparation, and most hold true. We sat down with Cameron Meyer to talk about his own count down to race day.

Strength training for cycling ... do you really need it? Sarah Wright from Mark Fenner's Watt Factory has the answers.

The tour may be won in the alps, but it's not just the uphill that can determine the winner. Descending with confidence and speed is integral to superlative performance. The speed doctor has some tips on how it's done. 

We all strive to be the best we can; we train, diet, and purchase the latest and greatest, but sometimes suffer an injury or get sick just at the wrong time. What can we do to help in these disappointing situations so we don't go off the rails? How do we make the best of it and maintain our progress?

NSW and national supercoach, Brad McGee, discusses the administration landscape at the top of Australian bike racing.