Winter Training: Free Online Coaching Plan From Spokes & Bicycling Australia

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Keen to come out of winter an even stronger rider? Bicycling Australia are thrilled to announce a FREE 4-week training plan with remote coaching professionals Spokes Fit.

Full details including a fascinating interview with Pav Bryan of Spokes are in the current edition of Bicycling Australia which is out now.

Spokes is a global sports coaching business providing highly personalised remote coaching programmes that integrate training, nutrition and motivation plans for cyclists and triathletes of all ages, abilities and aspirations. They have more than 30 coaches, nutritionists and other industry experts, and one of the largest online followings.

The Free Spokes 4 Week Training Plans
Five training plans are available in the free 4-week offer - simply select the plan that is most appropriate for your training load, perceived ability level or measuring device. The options are -
  • Beginner Heart Rate
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate or 300-500 TSS P/W
  • Advanced or >500 TSS P/W
  • Triathlon or 400-600 TSS P/W

The custom training plan is live online now - to get started simply scan the QR code on the image below or visit this page and enter the discount code BICAUS2020SPOKES.

Scan the above QR code and use the code BICAUS2020SPOKES to get started.
In addition to the training plan Spokes offer access to a range of blogs and podcasts featuring a range of training-related subjects including -
  • Getting set up for training
  • Performance Analysis
  • Motivation and Mental Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Goal Setting

There's also a Facebook-based support group that can be joined here SpokesFit.

For more from Bicycling Australia you can subscribe here.


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