Tyre Talk: Schwalbe For Speed, Comfort & Worry-Free Cycling

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Looked at the rubber on your bike lately? While we might give them a pressure check, quick pump and cursory glance before each ride, paying close attention to, and indeed upgrading your tyres, is one of the simplest ways to increase the performance and efficiency of your bike.

Tyre technology has surged ahead over recent years. Long gone are 19, 20, 21 and 22mm, puncture-prone, light side-walled tyres that looked ancient after just a few of rides.

Researchers at organisations such as Schwalbe have proven that wider is not only faster, but more comfortable, more efficient and less prone to punctures given the latest advances in tyre technology.

Can Wider Be Faster?

Research, technology and development has played a critical role in tubeless tyre trends. It's now a proven fact that not only can you have a wider, faster and more efficient tyre, but one that is less prone to punctures as well!

One of the most popular tyres on the booming Gran Fondo scene, the Schwalbe Pro One has proven itself as the world’s fastest tubeless tyre. That’s not Schwalbe’s claim, but the result of intense lab scrutiny and real-life road tests.

Ten Competing Tyres Put To The Test

During 2017  ten high-end tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers were put through extensive rolling resistance tests by bikeradar.com.

The tyres were up against each other in lab tests (rolling over a smooth then rough drum), then in real world road tests. In the test lab, the Pro One achieved the best results on both the smooth and the rough-surface drum.

Out on the road it was a similar result, the Schwalbe Pro One blitzed the competition.
“Whether it is the lack of a tube, the rubber compound or the excellent construction, the Pro One feels supple and fast on the road,” said Bikeradar’s Ben Delaney following the rigorous testing.

According to the website, the extensive tests proved what many have been saying over the past few years, that wider has definite advantages over skinnier tyres. In addition to this, the extra volume of air provides extra comfort.
“Since wider tyres roll faster and more comfortably, I won’t ever buy a 23mm tyre again,” said Ben Delaney when summarising the test results.


Quality Tyres Make The Difference

 New tyres from Schwalbe’s Pro One Tubeless right through the company’s huge range of course-specific solutions will be one of the best things you can do for your bike in the months leading up to the Noosa Classic and of course on the big day itself, August 18.

To learn more about Schwalbe, the world’s best bike tyres, visit www.schwalbe.com

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