Rotor Launch 13 Speed Drivetrain At Eurobike

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Months after the global release of Campagnolo’s 12 speed cassette, Spanish innovators Rotor have literally gone one better.

Launching the world’s first 13-speed cassette at Eurobike in Germany, the wide-range 1x option is designed for Rotor’s hydraulic groupset system.

Rotor say 13 speed provides “a simplified and performance optimised shifting experience.” The modular platform concept crosses four cycling disciplines - Road, Gravel & MTB and Cyclocross - with a flexible choice of drivetrain components to match the rider’s preferred bike set-up. 

Why 2x11s equals a 14s Effective Gear Range? 

Rotor say the 1x drivetrain is currently viewed as an MTB-only system because of the perceived gear range or the scale of power cadence available to the cyclist between gear shifts. Although the traditional 2x11 groupset has 22 theoretical gears, the effective range is 14 due to overlap of chainring and sprocket combinations. 

Why 1x13? 

Focused on simplifying the cyclist’s shifting experience Rotor believes Road, Gravel & Cyclocross riders will follow MTB in the successful adoption of single ring (1x) drivetrain. 

Combined with a wide choice of 1x chainring sizes (38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54) the company say the 13 speed cassettes can match and improve gear range and gear steps of the traditional 2x11 drivetrains. 

More details to come.


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