Proviz Launch Range Of Bike Lights

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Proviz Sports, the specialists in premium reflective cycling, running and outdoor products, have launched a new collection of five bike lights, the LED360 collection. 

The Proviz LED360 Bike Light Collection uses High Lumen LED Technology designed to ensure the perfect balance of brightness and energy consumption. The lights also have integrated optical technology which is a unique design for light to pass through the optical lens giving an optimal balance of reflection and refraction to transmit a more effective light beam. The lights use Samsung technology which gives the battery life 2600 mAh.  

The lights in the collection are named after the brightest stars in the galaxy, the LED360 Sirius Front Bike Light, the LED360 Capella Front Bike Light, the LED360 Canopus & Vega Bike Light Set (front & rear), the LED360 Procyon Rear Bike Light and the LED360 Vega Rear Bike Light. 

The LED360 Sirius Front Bike Light is designed to give high performance for use on and off road. With a maximum output of 600 lumens and five different lighting modes, this is a highly versatile light that can fulfil all of your needs. Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries give the most reliable charge over and over again while the high spec, American designed Crysta-Lite lens Crysta-lite lenses create total reflection and refraction to transmit a more effective light beam giving greater definition and battery efficiency. Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries give this light up to seven hours of battery life, weighs 186g and has an RRP of AU$79.99. 

The LED360 Capella Front Bike Light is equally at home on the trails or on the road. The embedded bracket allows the light to quickly be removed to replace a chain in the hills or find your keys when you get home. This light has 300 lumens and it’s multiple beam modes gives you the flexibility to preserve power but still ensures you announce yourself to the traffic on busy roads at night. Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries give this light 16 hours of battery life. The RRP is AU$69.99 and it weighs 140g.

The LED360 Vega Rear Bike Light can be purchased on its own for AU$44.99 or in a set with The LED360 Canopus front light for AU$114.99. The LED360 Vega Rear Bike Light has a unique three-dimensional design giving a 220-degree wide-angle vision to help you be seen from more angles than a conventional rear light. The light weighs just 31g and the Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries give 6.5 hours of battery life.

The LED360 Canopus front bike light has a number of light modes along with side ‘windows’ to help you be seen when stationary at the traffic lights. The Canopus also has Crysta-lite lense like the Capella with 300 lumens. Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries give 8 hours of battery life and it weighs 131g, the lightest front light on the collection.  

The Proviz Procyon rear bike light is a stylish creative design that packs a punch at night. The sleek metal design ensures a waterproof rating of IPX-4 and the multi-functional design ensures it can be attached to your seat post, rucksack, helmet, weighs in at 26g and costs just AU$34.99. 

Anthony Langly-Smith, Co-Founder of Proviz, said: “As market leaders of reflective clothing, we’re excited to bring high-quality bike lights to the market to help make cyclists as visible as possible. Ensuring our products are simple and easy to use was key, and each set of lights are ideal for all types of cyclist - from commuters to evening roadsters or off-road riders”. 

The lights are available to purchase online from 

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