First Look: Fizik 'Vento Powerstrap Aeroweave' Shoe At Eurobike

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Italian innovators Fizik have won a prestigious Eurobike Award for their new concept cycling shoe, a lightweight high-performance offering featuring an open weave upper, twin Velcro closure system, full carbon sole and unique setback cleat position.

The Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave was selected from over 400 entries in the  ‘accessories’ category to win the major award which is recognised as one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike industry. The award provides important independent confirmation of the high level of product innovation, functionality, quality and sustainability. 

The All-New Upper
Taking a look at the new Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave shoes at Eurobike in Germany, the upper is made of a highly-breathable and advanced woven fabric not yet used in cycling footwear. The lightweight nylon fibers are interfaced with filaments of thermoplastic polymer - a blend of threads that create an open, net-like pattern. 

Riders’ socks are visible through through the shoe that will be only available in black. Fizik say the material is malleable, moving with the fitment system to effectively cradle the foot.

"But its structure results in a tenacity so strong that it delivers the support and containment required for a racing shoe at the highest level of performance," said a Fizik rep at the show.

'Stiffest Sole In Fizik Range'

To the all-important 'table test' and the Aeroweave features a super-stiff feeling sole.

"The all-new R2 outsole is engineered with a carbon fiber layup that both saves weight and delivers a dramatically increased stiffness," said a Fizik rep. "This ensures efficient and positive drive from the rider’s legs to the pedals. With its index rating of 10, the R2 is the stiffest outsole in the fizik range."

The R2 underside also combines a wide vent inlet and deep internal channel for extra airflow.

Setback Cleat Position

Cleat holes on the shoe are positioned slightly rear-wards, Fizik say this optimise pedalling efficiency and reduces knee compression when in aggressive, aero riding positions.

Lighter Closure 

The Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave employs the tried and trusted fitment and closure system of Velcro - but a lighter, thinner style with noticably closer hooks. Fit is ensured via a ribbon type Velcro routing pattern wrapping around the foot,

Fizik say the Vento Powerstrap R2 Aeroweave will be available in early December and have promised Bicycling Australia a pair for thorough testing.

Product Features
• Aeroweave: extremely breathable, high tenacity net-like upper structure
• Powerstrap: foot-wrapping Velcro closure designed for an enveloping fit
• R2 carbon outsole: optimized cleat positioning, high stiffness and lightness tuned for power transfer

Product Specifications
• R2 outsole – full carbon, stiffness index 10
• Weight: 205 g (size 42- 1/2 pair)
• Sizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)
• Color: Black/Black

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