Cycliq Release Gen 3 Fly6 Light / Camera Combo

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Cycliq, the originator of the all-in-one camera and light cycling safety system, have released the third generation of the Fly6 rear-facing bike camera.

“The key for us has been to deliver a product that is simpler, safer and suitable for all operating conditions, all in a smaller form factor,” said Cycliq director Paul Claessen.

“We believe that cyclists deserve to feel safe on the roads, and this major release for our flagship Fly6 is a demonstration of our commitment to taking on the feedback of our customers and leveraging the R&D that we’ve done over a number of years,” said fellow director Ben Hammond.

Key features of the Fly6 CE are:

  • 50 lumen light with modes for all conditions

  • Long-life battery (up to 5 hours)

  • Independently tested for all weather use

  • HomeSafe mode

  • 1080p full HD camera with audio

  • Incident protection technology

  • Set and forget video looping

  • Integrated bike alarm

  • Mobile app connectivity

  • USB-C fast charge

  • Durable quick-release mounting

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    The unit weight is reduced to 77g and the RRP is $AUD 329. More details at

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