Viral Video: He Drove On A Bike Path And Abused Cyclists On The Road ... Who Were Cops

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It could have been a scene straight out of Dumb & Dumber, but it happened in real life right here in Australia.

On a quiet road in the South Coast hinterland of New South Wales on Sunday morning, a driver saw two cyclists on the roadway up ahead.

Steering off the road, 27yo Thomas Harris drove onto an adjacent shared path that was less than 2km in length.

Driving alongside the law-abiding cyclists, Harris began filming with his mobile phone and yelling abuse at the relaxed Sunday riders - who happened to be sporting Bicycling Australia Bowral Classic jerseys.

Uploading his tirade to Instagram, brainiac Harris’s now infamous video clip includes him yelling "What's the point of us spending this money if you’re not going to use (the bike path) you d...heads.”

Politely replying, one of the riders is heard to say "Pull over, so I can have a chat."

"F... off, idiot. Use the bike track, you dumb c...," was Harris’s courteous reply.

Yes, the cyclists were in fact off-duty police officers and yes, Harris is now in a little bit of trouble.

Handing himself in to police the following morning, Harris has been charged with using a mobile phone while driving, using offensive language, and for driving on a shared path.

The man will face the Wollongong Local Court at a later date.

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