• Darren Hicks will be one of the para-cyclists racing at the Santos Tour Down Under opener in January.
    Darren Hicks will be one of the para-cyclists racing at the Santos Tour Down Under opener in January.

Tour Down Under: Organisers Announce Para-Cycling Race + Details Of The Schwalbe Classic

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Many of Australia’s top para-cyclists will become part of the action when they take to the city streets and race prior to the opening criterium of the 2020 Santos Tour Down Under.

Renamed the 'Schwalbe Classic', the popular high-speed TDU opener will take place on the late afternoon of Sunday 19 January.

A demonstration race to be known as the Santos Tour Down Under Wheel-Race will follow hot on the wheels of the Australian paracycling teams success at this year’s World Tour, where the team claimed 18 world titles across the UCI Road and Track World Championships.

Dual reigning road world champions Carol Cooke (T2) and Emilie Miller (H1) plus 2019 road and track world champions Darren Hicks (C2), Emily Petricola (C4), Paige Greco (C3), Alistair Donohoe (C5) and David Nicholas (C3) are expected to take part. 
The racing circuit for the paracyclists will be open to female and male athletes for a 30 minute sprint circuit starting at 3.20pm. 

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment David Ridgway said the team will bring their athleticism and skill to the streets of Adelaide ahead of their lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

“What a showstopper for fans to watch these world class athletes in action. They will be racing on our streets just ahead of the Tokyo Paralympics, showcasing their strength, skill and endurance – providing a great opportunity to see what we can expect from the Paralympians next year”.

Darren Hicks Looks Forward To Racing On Home Roads

Dual 2019 world champion Darren Hicks said the Yorkshire race was a real eye opener for him.

"Getting to experience riding in front of big crowds was unreal," he said.

"The crazy part is that we wouldn't have even had probably a quarter or what the elite Worlds races had so to imagine that noise times four is just nuts. I really hope that the Aussie crowd brings an even bigger and better turn out at the Santos Tour Down Under so we can really start putting paracycling on the map and have more inclusion at bigger events.”

Hannah Macdougall, 2019 Team Australia member for road and track worlds, added “The 2019 Yorkshire International paracycling event was an excellent step forward for inclusion.

“Having para cyclists included in the 2019 UCI World Championships schedule highlighted why and how it is possible for us to progress our sport forward."

“The Santos Tour Down Under will provide an excellent opportunity for us to continue the momentum from this year.   The race will provide athletes with an opportunity to continue to hone their skills and fitness as they lead in for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.”
For further event information visit www.tourdownunder.com.au


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