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One of the good news stories in this incredibly disrupted year has been the boom in cycling. Bike shops continue to report bumper trade as more people turn to two wheels for health & wellbeing, exercise, recreation, commuting and time outside.

Father's Day is coming up and to celebrate we're offering big savings for enthusiasts of the sport and particularly new recruits. What better gift than 6 editions of Bicycling Australia delivered direct to your mailbox for only $50.

Of course you don't need to be a dad to get this offer - it is open to all new and existing subscribers.

Bicycling Australia is the publication of choice for road cyclists looking for high-quality information and entertaining articles that will help them become better riders. 

Inside each edition we feature a wide-range of relevant content - articles for entry-level riders right through to experienced cyclists. There are bike reviews, the latest cycling gear, how-to articles, 'MasterClass' tips, advice on hydration, nutrition and more. Plus columns from the nation's top cycling writers!

Special: 40% OFF subscriptions - That's just $50 for 6 editions including postage within Australia. To subscribe visit

Subscribe now or renew your existing subscription and save 40% off the coverprice of Bicycling Australia - Details here
Subscribe now or renew your existing subscription and save 40% - Details at


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