SA Police Launch Safe Cycling Campaign As Team Sky TDU Squad 'Verbally Educated'

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Team Sky’s Tour Down Under squad have been ‘verbally educated’ by police after being seen to commit ‘a number of traffic offences’ in the Adelaide CBD.

Shortly after 8:30am today a photo of police speaking with Team Sky riders started circulating on social media. Bicycling Australia contacted SA Police with a spokesman confirming the riders were pulled over and spoken to after being followed for a short time by police.  A spokesman said the riders “allegedly failed to give way at a pedestrian crossing and went through a red light … that sort of thing.”

“As part of Operation Safe Cycling 2018 police officers spoke to a number of cyclists on Pulteney Street in the Adelaide CBD this morning after identifying a number of traffic offences committed by the group,” the spokesman said.

Police speak with Team Sky riders in the Adelaide CBD on Monday morning. Image: Supplied.

SA Police said the group were verbally educated about safe cycling in the CBD.

“Police stop cyclist all the time but obviously there will be a further emphasis during the Tour Down Under period. It was just a verbal warning today,” the spokesman added.

Operation Safe Cycling 

The spokesman directed Bicycling Australia to a recent media release regarding Operation Safe Cycling.

“The popularity of the TDU sees a rise in cycling among the wider community each year during South Australia’s summer months,” they say.

“SA Police want to see all road users behave in a responsible appropriate fashion to get home safe at the end of the day.”

Officer in Charge of SAPOL’s Traffic Support Branch, Superintendent Anthony Fioravanti, said police hear a lot of complaints about cyclist behaviour.

“In turn we know that they are vulnerable road users who come off second-best when they get in any form of collision,” he added.

“Operation Safe Cycling is focused on the two-wheeled community – both in terms of ensuring they know and obey the laws, but also to protect them from other motorists who need to take care around bike riders. We can, and will, enforce the law, but I would plead for all road users to show some basic courtesy and share the roads.”

The state-wide operation commenced on Saturday, 6 January and will conclude on Sunday, 21 January.

2017 SA Cycling Incident Statistics 

• 721 crashes involving 752 cyclists resulting in 648 casualties (We've requested further details on this from SAPOL).
• 2 fatalities
• 40 serious injuries
• 602 minor injuries
• 83% were male
• 92% were in metropolitan Adelaide
• 2.3% were not wearing helmets
• 9.7% were right angle crashes
• 47% of crashes occurred on 60 km/h roads
• 44% of crashes occurred on 50 km/h roads

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