Online Custom Clothing: The Changing Face Of Rapha

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Rapha has enjoyed a high-profile position in the cycling world for more than a decade, it's a company that's often in and out of the cycling news for a variety of reasons.

Now, for the first time in the high-end company's history, Rapha have announced they will offer a full customization service via their website.

Customers will be able to create and design their own Rapha kit via an interactive online portal, with order quantities starting from just five jerseys.

The company say 'Rapha Custom is designed to improve the existing consumer experience of ordering custom kit.'

"It's a revolutionary user-friendly platform and a scaled pricing structure," said a company representative. "(Customers)  can save time and money by using the simple design tool to create fully customized Rapha product in minutes. There are
limitless possibilities for designs, with hundreds of color combinations and options to upload team and sponsor logos."


  • Minimum order: 5
  • Rapha say they will offer discounts of up to 40% off for larger orders
  • Delivery will be within 8 weeks
  • Rapha will host an online design tool with 'easy to use templates' that show previews of designs

Rapha Custom launches with two signature ranges - Pro Team and Classic. The Pro Team range is the leading edge of Rapha’s performance technology while Classic caters to a more relaxed fit.

Rapha say that over the course of 2019 the company will continue to expand to include their Core range as well as extended Classic styles making Rapha-quality kit available to all with jerseys priced as low as $50 in qualifying orders.

Over To You: We are keen to hear your thoughts on Rapha going down the custom clothing path. Have your say below.

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