New Product: Lube Your Chain & Colour Your World With Wend Wax

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The name is Wend Wax, it's a rub‐on, wax based, chain lubricant and, if social media is anything to go by, the product is creating quite a storm.

According to the manufacturers the wax / Teflon /zinc mix keeps the chain cleaner, offers superior friction reduction properties over other chain lubes, and makes for a quieter and more efficient drive-train.

US made and imported into Australia by Brisbane-based cycling industry distributors Echelon Sports, the wax will be available in a number of colours including Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange and Clear.

According to the manufacturers the product keeps the chain cleaner and creates less friction over other chain lubes. Wend Wax say their Wax‐On features proprietary friction reducing ingredients along with proven lubricants including zinc and Teflon.

Bicycling Australia have field tested the claims and agree they do stack up. We’ve recently cleaned the chain of one of our test bikes with the Wax-Off product, then followed the simple instructions to apply Wax-On (in lairy red of course!).

Once thoroughly applied and worked into the rollers, the wax delivered smooth and quiet lubrication - with a silkier and more velvety feel through the drivetrain. A more thorough description will come after more time using the lube.

Pre-Waxed Chains Also Coming

Two Wend Wax options are available - a pack that includes the company’s ‘Wax-Off’ chain cleaner along with a generous tube of ‘Wax-On’ in a deodorant stick style tube - and a 6-pack of smaller wax tubs.

Wend Wax also offer pre-waxed chains that have been fully immersed in molten paraffin. 

Simple Application

Application is a simple process but it is important to ensure the chain is completely clean for the maximum visual effect and efficiency. Just rub it over the chain and work it into the rollers using your finger. 

Wend Wax is expected in Australia by late September with final pricing to be announced. 



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