'Constant Hard Work' Meg Gillmer Describes The Faster In Four Weeks Challenge

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Bicycling Australia are currently in ‘Faster in Four Weeks’ mode, a challenging, month-long training program in conjunction with Zwift.

Meg Gillmer says training with Zwift is helping her  push more power for longer periods of time.

With four candidates about to start their third week of the gruelling schedule, we had a chat with participant Meg Gillmer, a keen Sydney-based cyclist. Returning to cycling after months of illness, Meg was enthusiastic to accept the challenge but well aware of the hard work it would bring.

“As for the fitness, I had nothing,” Meg replied, when asked how she felt going into the program.

“My starting point was zero. Over the last two weeks, I've found I'm able to push more power for longer periods of time. I'm finding that the short bursts of power are more manageable and my heart rate settles faster.”

'Humbled By The Experience'

Meg said now at the halfway point, there's no doubt she’s been humbled by the experience.

“I've never been a fan of training indoors but for July, the sook in me accepted the challenge,” she said.

“I'm a first timer user of Zwift, but I've managed to change my kits and accessories already.”

“There's no hiding with these sessions,” she added. “It's constant hard work. No free wheeling, no coasting, no downhills or stopping at lights.”

Meg Gillmer enjoying a local loop on the outer edges of Sydney.

Training For The Bowral Classic

A finisher of the 160km course at the 2016 Bowral Classic, and raring to do it again on October 22 this year, Meg said the convenience of indoor training, particularly in winter and three months out from the event, is fantastic.

Also a keen mountain biker, Meg says her overall fitness is rapidly improving thanks to Zwift & the gruelling indoor training.

“There's no more charging lights, rushing out of work to get the final sunlight or needing an extra 10 minutes to get changed and grab some courage before starting a ride,” she said.

“The sessions are relatively short, bang-for-buck type training. I'm really looking forward to the next week. I am hoping that I'll see and feel even more of an improvement as time progresses. This is sweaty stuff,” she addd.

As Bicycling Australia's Faster In Four Weeks Program continues, we'll bring you updates from other participants Wayne Watts and Darryl Cram. You can also read Nick Kourambas’s findings here.

Don't just read about it, you can download the free Zwift workout files here!

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