Brazen Attack: 3T's Italian HQ & Factory Robbed Overnight

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Italian bike and component manufacturer 3T have announced news of a brazen robbery at their Bergamo headquarters overnight.
With all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster, thieves bored through a 1-metre concrete wall to get to the bikes and carbon components.
Company co-owner Rene Wiertz said that at 6.00am on November 26 around 6 to 8 masked intruders entered the factory building and stole all display & demo bikes.
"If you have any information that might help us to catch the thieves and recover our bikes, please let us know," he wrote.

"Sad day in our office in Bergamo. This morning at 6.00am 6-8 thieves entered our office and robbed all bikes. The thieves drilled a hole through a 1 meter thick wall to enter our warehouse.

"After that they moved quickly to break the warehouse door, cut the fence surrounding our office and move more than 20 bikes into their van. The police arrived within 10 minutes, but they already had left.

"Saddest of all, one of the stolen bikes is an Exploro painted by our dear friend Dario Pegoretti, who died a few months ago. He painted this bike as a gift to us for launching our first bike ever," Wiertz said.

"Everyone at 3T is in shock that this happened, and the level of professionalism of the thieves," he wrote.

"If any of you see any of our bikes offered on the internet, at stores or in any other way, and it looks suspicious, please let us know. And keep a particularly eye on the Pegoretti bike. Your help is greatly appreciated!"


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