With a versatile 30mm depth, the company describe the wheel as ‘reactive, light and reliable … for gravel and for whatever gravel means to you’.

BMC is honing in on the fast-growing all-road sector with the updated Roadmachine X, a premium gravel / endurance bike.

The decision was made due to the evolving COVID outbreak and lockdown restrictions currently affecting South East Queensland.

It’s a bit disappointing and frustrating coming second, it’s a similar feeling to three years ago," said the Brunswick Cycling Club rider.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Filippo Ganna Secures Second Consecutive TT Victory 

Many of us spend many hundreds of dollars on cycling kit, but there’s not a lot written about caring for it. Not until now, as Lee ‘Hollywood’ Turner explains.

Marcus Leach divulges his thoughts on a bike he has been recently been spending an unnatural amount of time on—the Canyon Endurace CF SL 8.

The Snowy Classic will debut on March 26, 2022 and will feature 110 and 170km course options including full closed-road racing sanctioned by AusCycling.

It’s arguably the most influential high-performance road frameset of the 21st Century. Over a period of five glorious weeks, Peter Maniaty got to know the 2021 iteration of the iconic Trek Madone.

A smaller-scale producer of fine bikes, Officine Mattio are made in the Cuneo area near the French border - between the Alps and the sea where the young brand has its roots.

This time next year the City of Wollongong will experience the biggest event its ever seen when it plays host to the UCI Road World Championships over eight days.

For 2022 the Scultura inherits some of the Reacto's aero features along with sharing the sister model's geometry.

After extensive but rapid rehab - that included indoor training with upper body support - he was asked to ride the Vuelta just 10 days before the start.

"Sorry if I cause you guys issues in different colours," perennial joker Rohan Dennis quipped, as he announced his move to the Dutch super team.

While the jump to a 12-tooth cassette will no doubt be the headline feature, the latest R9200 Dura Ace and R8100 Ultegra have wireless shifting with power via a seat tube battery, and the redesigned shifters each holding a flat cell battery.

Haul Ass, Not Cargo’ is a catchphrase Canadian manufacturer Cervelo are using to market their specialist gravel model, the Aspero. Yes it’s catchy, and yes it seems to ring true