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A ride not a race, more than 3000 cyclists took to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales for the second annual Bowral Classic. All in for a challenge and pushing personal boundaries, here are the times of the lead riders.

More than 3000 cyclists enjoyed perfect conditions to take part in the second annual Bowral Classic - in doing so they raised a record $120,000 for charity!

Logged into Strava and noticed something different? Popular posts now appear at the top of the feed, Chronological ordering of activities is gone, and all users can add blog posts

Hundreds of riders from amateurs to the top pros are taking part in the epic Taiwan KOM Challenge. They'll ride 105km and climb over 5000m - you can watch the action here.

A touch over 3,300 kilometres in distance, the course of the 2018 Tour de France has been announced with some fascinating changes thrown in ...

Long-distance travel with bikes - it’s always a topic of major concern, the thought and anticipation of an exciting event or dream cycling holiday being overtaken by the worry of your bike arriving in two or more pieces.

Good news cycling fans - a new Australian-produced cycling movie is on its way with promises of ‘a light-hearted, yet insightful, look at the secret lives of MAMIL’s in their natural habitat’.

With just a week to go until the Bowral Classic on October 22, now’s the time to be out on the bike preparing for one of the cycling highlight’s of the year. Thinking of riding the event but haven't yet booked? Here are 11 reasons to register!

Easily mistaken as a fitness prop in the corner of Ryan Gosling’s post-modern apartment in Blade Runner 2049, the good news is TechnoGym MYCYCLING is here and now.

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It's a case of déjà vu for Peter Rox, as he steps onto a BH G7, the disc braked variant of the model which superseded his own G6 'daily rider' for this review.

Nat Bromhead has been venturing over to the dark side; revisiting his proclivity for some dirty off-road action, on the Norco Threshold CX.

High in stance, long in wheelbase and proud & raring to go, the Bossi Fabrica exhibits a ready-for-anything stance. We recently put this unique, go-anywhere CX to the test with a 135km loop from the bush to the city & back

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In this third article, I'll be discussing how to benchmark and measure your power data to provide feedback on the efficacy of your training. Also the type of training to focus on, for your preferred discipline, so that you can be more efficient and effective when training with a power meter.

If you think that maybe you cut some corners with your base training over the past few months then just stick at it a little bit longer, then begin the next phase of your training when you know you’re ready.

Hamish Gorman explains exactly what you're doing when you train with a power meter and the benefits of analysing your power output.

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How much you need to eat and drink during a 100+KM ride depends on you body mass and event duration as David O'Reilly explains.

Getting your nutrition right for an event such as the Bowral Classic is imperative. Without giving due consideration to pre-ride nutrition you run the risk hitting the wall prematurely ...

You may not want to drink chocolate milk every day, but as an alternative to retail outlet recovery potions, it might be the miracle elixir! David O'Reilly explains.

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A paradise for road cyclists … That’s how I’d always imagined the Catalan city of Girona to be.

From Freo to France, and many places in between, take a look at the AllTrails website or social pages and you’ll see smiling cyclists pedalling their way towards all manner of destinations.

Opting to do something completely different, Bicycling Australia Digital Editor Nat Bromhead followed the 2017 Tour de France by vintage bike purchased for 300 euros in Paris. Here's his story.

Mountain Biking Australia

Canadian elite racer Eandre Bouchard successfully defended his lead to claim the overall 2017 MEPT – Crocodile Trophy race victory after eight gruelling stages.

Not content with building Tassie’s biggest park, Dirt Art aims to make small Victorian town one of Australia’s “leading MTB destinations”.

Aussie downhill hero adds prestigious enduro title to his downhill world titles.