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Indian Pacific Wheel Race particpiants have been riding more than a week with the leaders having now covered more than 3000km of their massive 5500km goal. Watch our latest race report video and listen to an interview with Jesse Carlsson here

At dusk on Day 6 of the 5500km Indian Pacific Wheel Race, a gruelling self-supported race across Australia, some 59 riders remain in the epic trans-Australia adventure.

Ultra-endurance cyclist Juliana Buhring says she will "start over from the beginning and do it all again ... cuz I haven't come this far to go home." after her forced abandonment of the #IPWR due to serious illness

As ultra-cyclists Kristof Allegaert & Mike Hall hold the top two positions in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, three extremely determined Aussies - Seb Dunne, Adam Hunter & Sarah Hammond - are hot on their wheels.

Wahoo have released the latest in their lineup of GPS bike computers and this one looks sure to be a winner - the new ELEMNT BOLT

As riders of the first-ever Indian Pacific Wheel Race continue to power their way across Australia, event mastermind Jesse Carlsson has been forced to abandon the race.

Paul Ardill took up cycling after suffering a stroke at age 65 when his doctor suggested he ride a bike to restore lost balance. “I was supposed to just ride around the block,” he said from Fremantle where he’s busy preparing for the IPWR.

Waiting for a break in the weather so you can head out for a ride? In many parts of Australia you could be waiting a while! To help ease the frustration we’ve compiled a list of top tips to make the most of riding in the rain.

With the lead riders covering well over 600km in the first 24 hours of the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, online fans have been lapping up the action.

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Clearly aimed at riders with an eye for quality, the Endurace 
is a sleek and attractive 
looking bike. Gary Hunt has 
been getting to know the 
Canyon and filed this review.

Leaving school at 16 to pursue the bike racing dream, Contador won the U23 Spanish ITT at the tender age of 19. The rest is history. Now in the twilight of his career, Trek Project One have announced the Alberto Contador Grand Tour Celebration Emonda

Team Astana have partnered with Argon 18 and for 2017 the team will be riding Gallium Pro, Nitrogen Pro aero frame and E-1118 Next TT bikes. In this gallery we take a close look at Oscar Gatto's Galium Pro.

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Don't be deceived by the slow and gentle appearance of Tai Chi. It is a powerful force for vital energy and good health; and it may be your key to a longer healthier life on the bike.

Hamish Gorman explains exactly what you're doing when you train with a power meter and the benefits of analysing your power output.

Training with power is technical, but does bring results. David Heatley dives in the deep end, explaining the difference between heart rate and power training, and how to set up your power zones.

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You may not want to drink chocolate milk every day, but as an alternative to retail outlet recovery potions, it might be the miracle elixir! David O'Reilly explains.

One of the key members of any professional cycling outfit is the Team Doctor - nobody in the team carries more responsibility for not only rider health and wellbeing, but the reputation and long-term accountability of all involved.

How much you need to eat and drink during a solid ride depends on body mass and duration. David O'Reilly explains.

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From the alti-plano and Atacama desert in the north, where rainfall averages 3.5mm per year, to the wilds of Patagonia in the south, where winds in excess of 100kph are not uncommon, Chile has a diversity of climate and geography to match Australia. These extremes may not be appealing to many cyclists but in between there are soaring mountains, beautiful valleys and vineyards aplenty.

Having travelled to France for several years conducting cycling tours it wasn’t any surprise that I would eventually find a town that I would love to call my home away from home. To live in Vaison la Romaine before my old age would have to be the opening line on my bucket list.

Australia’s toughest ride is part of the Audax Alpine Classic a festival of cycling to be held on 28th January in the town of Bright in North East Victoria.

Mountain Biking Australia

European MTB clothing that's designed to perform both on and off the bike.

Well known for making highly adjustable rear shocks, this North Carolina based company has just released their first suspension fork...

One of Australia's biggest and longest running MTB marathon events has been run and won for 2017...