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The 2020 WorldTour gets underway on Tuesday with Stage 1 of the Santos Tour Down Under.

US National Champion Ruth Winder Wins Santos Women's Tour Down Under

US Champion Ruth Winder has taken Amanda Spratt's overall lead of the Women's Tour Down Under ....More here

Less than a week ago she reclaimed her national champions jersey and today she slipped back into ochre - Amanda Spratt wins Stage 2 of the Women's TDU.

Chloe Hosking Wins Stage 1 Of The Women's Tour Down Under

It's upon us, the 2020 Santos Women's Tour Down Under, and the race is shaping up to be one of the strongest fields in the history of the race with 16 international and national teams confirmed and ready to race

All you need to know about Bicycling Australia's four Gran Fondo events for 2020 - the Clare, Mudgee, Bowral and Noosa Classics.

Cam Meyer Wins National Jersey as RoadNats stay in Ballarat for three more years

"To help in the long road to recovery to the many people devastated by the fires, we have placed a reserve price of $25,000," he said.

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The obvious and common denominator of all the bikes reviewed by Bicycling Australia is two wheels ... but not this one. Here we take a look at the recently-released Wattbike Atom.

'Old School rider meets new school technology'. That's how 5-time Tour de France participant and Aussie cycling legend Patrick Jonker refers to his time testing the Cervelo R3 Disc.

No fluffy intros, no witty analogies, no hyperbole ... none of that's required with this new offering. Instead we'll just stick to the facts and describe the moment this teal stunner was first wheeled into the Bicycling Australia office.

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As a coach for FTP Training Sarah Hunter is often asked ‘should I buy a power meter’? The answer, as with most training related questions is never clear cut, so she says ‘it depends’.

There's always special credit and kudos given to a good climber ... the one who vanishes from sight like vapor. In this fascinating and helpful article coach David Heatley gives us his tips on better climbing.

Want to spend a long weekend living and training like a pro? Nero Racing are hosting a unique 'Performance Coaching Race Preparation Camp' in Jindabyne in October.

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Science in Sport is backed by the best athletes and tested to ensure optimum performance.

We are proud to announce that Endura Nutrition are on board for Bicycling Australia's upcoming Noosa Classic Grand Fondo event! On top of that the Endura team have prepared a helpful guide to make sure riders stay on top of their hydration, energy and recovery.

Australian pasta brand San Remo has struck a chord with Aussie consumers, their innovative Pulse Pasta endorsed by Anna Meares voted Product of the Year 2018 in the pasta and rice category at the coveted 2018 consumer’s choice awards.

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With snow forecast to fall in the Snowy Mountains in early November, we took Bianchi's recently-released Impulso AllRoad to the cold country to put it to the test.

Relatively unknown to many of Sydney's locals and visitors, the Cooks River Cycleway connects Botany Bay on the coast and Homebush Bay in the west. 23km in length, it is the perfect destination for recreational cyclists of all ages & abilities.

China is a country full of traditions, with a massive history and not the first place we think about when dreaming of our next cycling holiday.

Mountain Biking Australia

Huw Kingston has seen Thredbo change a lot over the years. He recently headed back and reflected on his own personal history with the mountains.

Check out the Limited Edition eONE Forty in action!

Watch the new Limited Edition eONE Sixty in action!