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Oval chainrings are one of those things which often divide opinion. The claims sound good in theory and are backed up by multiple studies. Here Bicycling Australia Associate Editor Kevin Eddy test rides AbsoluteBlack's 52 /36 oval chainrings.

With the Noosa Classic fast approaching and less than two months out from the 2018 Bowral Classic, we take a look at five helpful tips to help you train for your next gran fondo or major cycling event.

"You can bring any bike .... So long as it's made from steel, has downtube shifters, and an '86 model or older." That was the general jist of the eighth annual Noosa Strada Bianche, an inspiring event held in the glorious environs on the weekend of August 11 & 12.

In this fascinating article Bicycling Australia contributor Stephanie Constand details the rise and rise of young German sprinter Pascal Ackermann ... a rider sure to be going shoulder to shoulder with Australia's Caleb Ewan over the next few years.

Now less than two weeks away, more than 1100 riders are expected on the start line of the Noosa Classic, Bicycling Australia's first Gran Fondo Cycling event for the Sunshine State of Queensland.

It’s the single biggest issue facing each one of us - safety while out there enjoying our sport, maintaining or improving our health, fitness and wellbeing and doing what we love most. Riding our bikes.

Descending the Sunshine Coast’s mighty Obi Obi range would have to be right up there as one of the ultimate test grounds for gravel bike tyres, except for one problem - getting there. This was where we took the Panaracer GravelKing SK 35mm tyres

For 12 years the Cardiac Challenge has been quietly ticking along, drawing participants from around the world to its unique environs of Cairns and Cooktown in Far North Queensland.

Lotto Soudal and Caleb Ewan have announced the news we've been expecting and waiting for - the 24yo Aussie sprinter has signed a two-year contract with the Belgian team.

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It has earned a reputation as the 'goto' crit bike of the decade and now it's available in disc brake configuration, Specialized have released details of the Allez Sprint Disc.

Trek have released a new alloy road bike the company say performs way out of its league in both ride quality, performance and aesthetics.

Bianchi’s Aria has new beefed up tubes and the addition of disc brakes. It still looks to be an aero-optimised frame so we were keen to see how it rides. Gary Hunt reports.

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On a recent visit to the MegaBike store in Adelaide we enjoyed coffee and a chat with Claud Altin. In this video interview he talks training advice and general tips for those taking part in Gran Fondo cycling events such as the Clare Classic.

Our genes tell the body how to build certain proteins which lead to eye colour, height, enzymes or even personality, therefore they possibly contribute to athletic ability and nutrition metabolism -

For many of us when precious bike time comes up it’s tempting to kit up, check the tyres, and start rolling. But it’s important to remember that stretching and preparing your body can make a big difference to performance.

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You may not want to drink chocolate milk every day, but as an alternative to retail outlet recovery potions, it might be the miracle elixir! David O'Reilly explains.

How much you need to eat and drink during a 100+KM ride depends on you body mass and event duration as David O'Reilly explains.

Getting your nutrition right for an event such as the Bowral Classic is imperative. Without giving due consideration to pre-ride nutrition you run the risk hitting the wall prematurely ...

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Looking to try something a little different and off the beaten track when in the Sunshine State for the Noosa Classic?

When most of us think about Croatia, we think of Split with its magnificent coastline and hundreds of picturesque islands or of the early 1990’s when 20,000 people died fighting in the Civil War. But who knew it was a rider’s paradise?

The Noosa Classic is thrilled to announce the news that ultra-talented cyclist, team leader and all-round good guy Chris Miller of Nero Racing will be attending Bicycling Australia’s inaugural Queensland Gran Fondo.

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Belgian phenom Martin Maes finally knocks Hill off EWS top spot, but Sam’s eye is on overall title.

Racing down a glacier in France with 600 of your mates? It's as mad as it sounds.

World enduro champ extends series lead after dominant performance in Italy.